To Aspiring German Learners Without A PhD In Grammar:

Who Else Wants To Learn German Without Being “Held Hostage” By Grammar?

Dear Reader,

My name is Olly Richards. And perhaps the most interesting fact about me is that I’ve taught myself eight languages.

I learn languages with an unusual method involving stories. This method allows me to learn to speak the new language up to six times faster than with traditional methods.

As an aspiring German learner, you might be interested in one particular feature of my “story” method:

This Method Makes Learning German Grammar A Breeze!

In fact, by learning with stories, you can learn German to a high level in a way that doesn’t feel like “study” at all!

But can you really learn German without suffering the following common grammar struggles:

  • Frustration with gender rules?
  • Hesitation over the bizarre case system?
  • Nightmares over sentence structure?
  • Boring grammar lessons?

Actually, yes you can!

But more on how this works later.

First, I need to tell you that most German learners are going to be like this one student, who recently confessed:

“Grammar is what has stopped me ever progressing in German, although I have had a few attempts throughout my lifetime.”

Doesn't it break your heart that something as "fiddly" as grammar stops people from learning the language of their dreams?

It certainly breaks mine, and here's why...

How Grammar Ruins Lives

How many aspiring German learners never experience any of these guilty pleasures because they were too busy striving for perfekte Grammatik...

  • Strolling through Berlin on a spring afternoon and understanding every plaque on every statue
  • Secretly enjoying envious looks from your friends as you order food in fluent German?
  • Uncovering hidden corners of Northern Italy where the locals still speak German and recognising regional slang?
  • Taking a tour around a breathtaking castle on the Rhine and understanding every word the guide says?
  • Drinking Weissbier in a German cinema understanding the movie without any subtitles?
  • Leafing through the jobs classifieds and knowing you could apply for any one of them and sail through an interview in clear and crisp German?
  • And when back home or anywhere in the world, falling easily into conversation with German tourists without skipping a beat?

Any one of these experiences is enough to make the journey of learning to speak German worthwhile!

And yet…

Such life-affirming experiences are tragically out-of-reach to the vast majority of German learners. Those who limit themselves to tired, old traditional methods to learn German...

Where grammar is taught in rules...

Where tests are your measure of success.

But what if you had a way to learn German without being "held hostage" by grammar?

"I'm Not Interested... And I'm Not Coming Back!

Earlier, I told you about my special story-based method for learning languages. And how this method makes learning grammar a breeze!

Well, the curious thing about my "story" method is that the grammar practically learns itself!

You'll see what I mean shortly.

In late 2017, I wanted to see if my method would work for German learners, so I searched for a volunteer.

As you may know, I host an online community of people who delight in learning languages in unconventional ways. With 1,000s of successful members, I was sure I would find a volunteer to test my unusual method to learn German.

One enthusiastic person, named Mark, was first to respond:

I asked Mark about his track record in German, and why he said it was so slow.

His answer shocked me:

“I walked out of my very first German lesson at school, shouting: ‘I'm not interested, and I'm not coming back!’”

I was worried!

Why did Mark walk out of his lesson? Did he really never go back?

I quickly realised that walking out of his class was a defence against the brutal truth: Mark was actually deeply interested in German.

Mark loved the sounds of German. It had a special “magic” for him.

German was the language of Mozart and Beethoven. Einstein and Marx.

But despite the appeal of German, Mark’s very first class put him off for life. It was as if his enthusiasm for German was crushed under a landslide of confusing grammar terms and sentences with verbs in the wrong place!

A full 40 years would pass before Mark found the courage to revisit the topic and ask a question you've probably asked yourself many times...

"Is there a better way for me to learn German?"

Using Stories To Fall In Love With German

When I suggested Mark try learning German my way, I was a little apprehensive!

Was he going to walk out of my lesson too?

Luckily, the opposite happened.

I began by taking a simple story - the hallmark of my method - and used it to teach Mark some of the basics of German.

But Mark learned more than just the basics - a lot more!

After the class, here's what he said:

“I'm a complete beginner and, within just one hour, I've broken it down and understood two thirds of the story!”

Mark was stunned that he could understand two thirds of a story in German in just one class.

“So what?” you might ask.

Well, while most new German learners brace themselves for years of rules and tests, Mark had discovered that he could read and enjoy German right from the start.

Mark realised in an instant that studying (if you can call it that) could actually be fun!

But what Mark didn’t know yet was this:

While Mark was busy enjoying his story in German, his brain was quietly working behind the scenes to absorb all the vocabulary and grammar that he saw in the story.

With continued practice, his skills would continue to grow to the point where German would become intuitive, and words would start to roll off his tongue without having to think for 5 minutes before speaking.

This way this works is just as incredible...

How To Absorb German Grammar...Without Realising It!

Studies around the world have begun to show how "input-based" methods outperform traditional language study.

One 2014 study in Spain demonstrated that this style of teaching worked about six times faster than traditional instruction.

In Hungary, a 2007 study showed that students learning with stories can learn more vocabulary than students in regular classes… without any study at all!

It’s a method that harnesses your brain’s natural ability to absorb new information - and it’s far more effective than learning with a traditional approach based on grammar rules!

Learning with stories is a method endorsed by the world’s top academics, such as Dr Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at USC, who explains:

“As we get input through listening and reading, we ‘absorb’ the grammar and vocabulary of the second language.”

Notice the word absorb?

Wouldn’t you prefer to absorb German, rather than study it?

By reading stories in German with the method I’ll tell you about today, you are able to learn grammar and vocabulary naturally, instead of trying to learn with a rules-based approach.

Take my student Courtney Baird, for example. Courtney discovered how it feels to learn languages the natural way, and said:

“I have been able to become fluent... something that I have wanted to do my entire life! I find it amazing that I was able to learn more in 9 months with your techniques than I did in the 6+ years I studied in school!”

Whether you want to learn to speak German so you can make new friends, bring your family closer together, create exciting career opportunities, or simply indulge your love German literature, comics or cinema…

Start learning with stories, and you’ll wonder why you never learned this way from the start!

Assembling A Team Of Experts

When it comes to my own language learning, I insist on learning from the best.

And so when I began learning German, I turned to one such expert…

Kerstin Cable is a native German speaker with astonishing “native undetectable” English!

(I look for teachers who can... as well as who teach. It’s how you know they’re legit!)

Kerstin is a language teacher, author and fellow language blogger! She gave me advice that quickly fast-tracked my own German, when I first began learning.

When I decided to develop my method into a course, so that anyone can learn German with stories, Kerstin was my first and last choice to help me do it.

However, as a successful online personality in her own right, Kerstin is not usually “for hire”.

Fortunately, my own work in the world of language learning has given me some “sway”. After months of discussion, I managed to persuade Kerstin to do something incredible - to join forces with me and offer her expertise for creating the programme I will tell you about today.

I never undertake any project without world-class experts on my side.

Then again, if you’ve learned with me before, you already knew that!

With her language skills and university-level teaching experience, there was no-one better than Kerstin to help me create this course.

Excited to change the way German is taught, Kerstin and I set about creating a unique opportunity to learn German...

A course for people who prefer stories to textbooks, intuition to rules, and the Biergarten to the classroom!



German Uncovered

German Uncovered is a comprehensive online programme to learn German using the power of story!

By the time you complete German Uncovered, you’ll have an Intermediate Level of German (B1 on the CEFR), and be a confident German speaker, able to:

Converse with people in confident German, making new friends or deepening existing relationships

Travel to Germany, Austria, Switzerland - even parts of Italy - as an “insider” not just another tourist

Improve your career prospects by applying for German-language jobs and impress everyone who looks at your CV

Indulge your passion for the German way of life, and deepen your knowledge of culture and history by reading in the original language

Keep your brain fit and agile, preparing your brain for a healthy old-age, including staving off several forms of dementia

Or finally complete the learning project you began at school many years ago and has been nagging at you ever since!

The foundation of the course is a story: Der Mann mit dem Hut.

(The title translates as: The Man with the Hat.)

That’s him, in the corner:

(He’s hiding for a reason. But that’s a story for another day…)

In the story, three friends find a mysterious note left in a dusty library book, and set off to travel around Germany, following clues left by the man with the hat.

It’s a really fun and involving story, with lots of suspense!

But here’s what’s important…

Der Mann mit dem Hut is written in simple German.

This means you can begin to understand it as a complete beginner, with no previous knowledge of German, and begin picking up German with ease, without being overwhelmed by difficult words and grammar.

A view inside the beautiful, interactive course area

In over 20 compelling chapters, Der Mann mit dem Hut introduces all the key grammar and vocabulary you need to understand and speak German.

You'll find the same amount of language content as any textbook! The difference, of course, is that by following our method, you get to learn vocabulary and grammar naturally, without feeling like you're studying at all!

Let's talk about how German Uncovered works...

Learn German With Stories, Not Textbooks

The process of learning with German Uncovered is as natural as turning the pages of a gripping story!

In fact, that's exactly what German Uncovered is!

You’ll begin by immersing yourself in the first chapter of Der Mann mit dem Hut.

By reading the story and listening to the accompanying audiobook, you'll begin with an immersive experience that builds you ability to understand written and spoken German from the start.

Unlike a regular German course, we don’t ask you to understand what you’re reading at first. Instead, we ask you to simply immerse yourself and enjoy the language!

After spending time with the story in German, you can check your understanding with a full English translation, so you can follow the plot and keep up with the story.

Having spent time reading and listening to the story, it’s time to sit down with a master and discover how natural it is to learn German when your lessons literally emerge from the pages of a story!

You'll do this using with the help of over 80 video lessons, taught personally by Kerstin. These lessons are based on my proven methods, and are unlike anything you've seen before.

The teaching segment of the course is where the course comes alive!

Grow your vocabulary instantly by identifying German words with a shared root in English...

"Unlock" the story by learning the key words you need to understand the plot:

Uncover grammar from the story, and learn naturally, instead of from rules:

As you can see from the samples of our lessons, we don't ask you to memorise grammar rules, verb tables or lists of vocabulary!

With German Uncovered you uncover German from the story, naturally!

Thanks to our special interactive video lessons, you'll feel like you're sitting with Kerstin one-on-one, as she walks you through the lesson.

Kerstin takes key German words, phrases and grammar that you've already encountered in the story, and guides you toward understanding them naturally from the context of the story.

In fact, the magic of German Uncovered is that we hardly have to "teach" at all… we just help you notice the important German from the story, and give you a few little nudges just to make sure you understand.

And, of course, the benefit of learning with a master teacher is that you won't miss a thing!

We're with you every step of the way!

In fact, as you progress through the course, you'll also have me (Olly!) "drop in" at strategic points to share pro tips about staying motivated and learning as quickly as possible!

If you're someone who enjoys a spot of traditional study, then you can have the best of both worlds with German Uncovered.

After each lesson, there are worksheets of fun exercises, to help you consolidate what you’ve learnt from the story.

Where this differs from traditional language methods, is that all of the exercises and worksheets are based on the German you’ve read in the story.

Our activities don't aim to "teach". They aim to build on and refine the learning that's already taken place!

This means everything you learn is much more meaningful and memorable, so you'll learn faster, while having fun!

It’s the most natural way to learn!

Now let’s be clear…

The aim of German Uncovered is to teach you to SPEAK German… not just to read!

Learning to express yourself fully in German, and enjoy your conversations, without freezing up, forgetting words, or taking ages to form a sentence, is a central aim of this course.

It’s by learning to speak German that you can:

  • Make new friends or deepen existing relationships
  • Travel to German-speaking countries as an “insider” not just another tourist
  • Show your boss or prospective employer that you’re serious about your career

That’s why each module of the course comes jam-packed with training to help you activate what you learn and become a confident speaker of German:

  • Speaking Packs: In each chapter, you'll find a set of speaking activities for two people. These packs are written in German, so you can literally hand the pack to a native German-speaker friend, partner or tutor, they’ll read the instruction and instantly have a selection of exciting activities to help you practice what you’ve learned from the story.
  • Pronunciation Training: In our exclusive pronunciation training, Kerstin teaches you step-by-step how to pronounce the tricky words and phrases from the story, using the same techniques she’s used to reach her “native indistinguishable” level in English! You’ll quickly reduce any foreign accent you may have and speak German with more confidence.

Tangible Progress You Can Feel

As you can see, the STORY is at the heart of German Uncovered, and this is how we’re able to tie all parts of the course back to the three friends on their journey around Germany, and allow you to learn on such a deep, satisfying level.

This cyclical story structure makes the course easy to follow and gives you a clear sense of achievement and rhythm to your learning. This kind of visible progression through the story, and through the course, will leave you excited to study hard and stick with the programme.

This is NOT a programme you'll start and fizzle out on... because your goal is to read the entire story! and you won't be able to rest until you've finished the last chapter!

"These courses are worth every penny!"

What Students Are Saying About My Uncovered Courses...

"The Spanish Uncovered course is exceeding all my expectations. You make the grammar section so clear and easy to assimilate. Moving on effortlessly in the stories is pleasureable and quite exhilarating as I understand what I am hearing much more easily. These courses are worth every penny".

- David

Behind The Scenes Of German Uncovered:

Kerstin and Olly spent months planning, researching, creating and recording German Uncovered to make it the very best it could be for you!

Learn In Your Own Time & Become Fluent Faster
German Uncovered is a self-study course that you take online.
You’ll be pleased to know that the course is extremely easy and intuitive to use.
Even if you’re not great with technology, or not confident with computers… using the course is extremely simple.
  • Intuitive member area:Makes browsing the course and access the course materials a delight
  • Responsive design: Access the course from mobile, tablet or computer
  • Fully downloadable materials: Download the story, worksheets, videos, and audio onto your device, so you can take it with you to places where your internet connection is not too reliable!
  • Interactive discussion areas: within each lesson mean you can ask questions about anything you learn on the course and get a reply from myself or Kerstin
  • Free Lifetime Updates - Any improvements or additions that are made to the course in the future, you get FREE. So you can join German Uncovered today, safe in the knowledge that you'll always have the most up-to-date version!
  • World-Class Customer Support - I have a fantastic, dedicated customer support team who love helping you out. If you do run into any technical trouble, for whatever reason (however small!), you can rest assured there will be help at hand, and it won't stop you learning

Perfect For Busy People

Since German Uncovered is based around self-study and online learning, it is particularly suited to busy people!

The great thing about learning with our “story” method is that it takes LESS TIME than your traditional classes.

In fact, all the course components have been designed to be studied in chunks of around 15 minutes.

There’s no need to disrupt your week with evening classes, or travel to meet teachers. You can do your reading and listening literally ANYWHERE, at home, on the train, or in the biergarten.

If you have periods of 15-30 minutes free during your day, then there really is NO EXCUSE for not getting started right now with German Uncovered...even if you’re still in the middle of another programme or textbook.

Is German Uncovered For You?

So, who is German Uncovered for?

German Uncovered is a complete, self-contained programme to learn German using stories. Everything you need from beginning to end. Our goal is for this to be the last German programme you EVER need.

What if you’re not a complete beginner?

Perhaps you know some words, understand a little, and even speak a bit of German?

If that’s you, then German Uncovered is perhaps even MORE powerful for you, because you’ll be able to read and enjoy the story more easily right from the start.

The first couple of modules might involve a bit of revision, but you’ll find things you learned in the past now make so much more SENSE, because you have the context of the story to help you.

If you’re already a comfortable intermediate level, where you can speak German naturally, and you can understand most of what you hear… then German Uncovered isn’t for you.

Come Join Us!

So, let’s talk about the investment involved in enrolling in German Uncovered today.

While preparing this information, I had a look at fees for enrolling in the Goethe Institut in London - a popular place to learn German here in the UK.

Their equivalent courses that take you from beginner to intermediate level in German cost US $2,811 (GBP £2,120).

Now, Goethe is excellent, and I have no doubt their course is great. However, by working online, what I’m able to do is offer the programme that I’ve described to you here, which is not only far more flexible (because you can learn any time, and any place), at a fraction of the cost.

German Uncovered is a complete programme that will take you from your very first steps in German all the way to an intermediate speaker of German, able to travel the world, be confident in your ability to speak, fully express yourself, and making a difference to the people and communities around you...

And you can do it from your own time!

That’s why I’m happy to offer enrolment in German Uncovered for an investment of only US $297 (GBP £224).

To take the next step and enrol in the course, simple click the button below...


Price today: Only $297 (USD)


Get started now!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I’m a big believer in fairness, which is why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for German Uncovered.

Unlike your local language school, I’m able to literally guarantee your learning.

Join today and try out the course. If it’s not for you, you can email me any time within 30 days. I’ll refund every penny you paid for the course.

It's my cast-iron guarantee.

Sound fair?

Now, if you join German Uncovered and commit to the programme... and watch how quickly you learn when you do... I don’t think you’re going to want to take advantage of this guarantee!

But the guarantee is there nonetheless, for your peace of mind.

It's the right thing to do, and allows you to join with confidence today.

What Is Speaking Real German Worth To You?

If you’ve read this far, I know what you really care about is creating a life with German at the centre.

Perhaps you've been putting off getting started with German, and have never found the right time.

Perhaps you've studied German before, but have never found a method you can be excited about.

Either way, think about this:

If another year passes, and you still can't speak confident German with the people you meet… is that acceptable to you?

I know it wouldn't be for me. Not any more.

Now ask yourself how different your day-to-day life will be when you can easily strike up a conversation in German, understand what people say, and reply in full, flowing sentences...with a convincing accent to boot!

But more importantly, how will it feel when...

  • You can fully express yourself in German, and interact with the community around you as an independent, confident German speaker
  • You can make the most of your time abroad, able to speak at will with the people you meet
  • You transform relationships with those around you, as you can communicate in their own language
  • New work opportunities begin to appear, as you can easily interact with customers and colleagues in natural German
  • You can read your favourite authors in the original German, and understand the true meaning of their words

I've created this programme so you can make this a reality in your life, and experience what it's like to find true joy in language learning.

As you will see below, my students all around the world are finding extraordinary success using my Uncovered courses and I'd love for you to be my next success story!

To your success,


"Your Uncovered Resources Are Ridiculously Good!"

"You've been one of the more thorough language learning teachers on the internet. Not to diminish other language teachers but it seems like no one offers a lot of the resources that you offer. Your Uncovered resources are ridiculously good!" - Zak

"Truly Inspirational Learning Material"

"Olly's materials are astounding to me. In all my many years of frustrated foreign-language learning, I never before had access to such comprehensive materials, which in my book are truly inspirational!" - Michael

"I Was Ahead Of My Peers"

"When I started German Uncovered, I was around A2 in German and needed something to solidify my knowledge of the basics. The idea of learning through stories is what interested me the most.

Even from the first lessons, I felt like I got a lot of value from the pronunciation tips and the cognates review. When I started my B1 courses I had a solid foundation and I was ahead of my peers on word recognition and pronunciation! German Uncovered was certainly part of my toolkit".

- Eloy from Peru

"My comprehension and my spoken German have jumped a level!"

"I have been attempting to learn German for far too many years and had not gotten very far. Some years my comprehension would be better, but speaking eluded me. I liked the idea of using story to learn grammar and a language.

My comprehension has improved. My spoken German is improving and I am not as afraid to order “auf Deutsche” in a local deli where there are a lot of German speaking employees.

I recently took an online test of my level of comprehension and I had jumped a level without cheating and using the internet translators. I enjoyed your interaction with Olly and your videos."

- Roger Schert

Price today: Only $297 (USD)

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a complete beginner. Is this course still relevant for me?
Yes, absolutely. Although you might be covering some familiar territory in the early lessons, many people find it helpful to go over the basics more than once. The main advantage of this course is that you will be listening and reading to the story that accompanies the course from the beginning, which you will be able to enjoy even more with your existing knowledge. The speaking lessons will also enable you to consolidate the German you already know, which all contributes to building a strong foundation and making fast progress in the language.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What variety of German do you teach in the course?
The course is based on standard German, or Hochdeutsch. It's the offical German that everyone understands! With a strong foundation in the language, which this course provides, you will have the knowledge and flexibility to adapt to whichever particular variety of German you wish. The most important thing is that you learn in the first place, and this beginner programme is the best possible place to do that.
Can this course really take me to intermediate level (B1)?
Great question! With German Uncovered we aim to take you through A1-A2 level, to the point where you’re ready to begin a B1 level intermediate course. There are 20 course modules, and each module contains 7.5 hours of study time (minimum), which comprises: • Reading and listening to one chapter of the story • Cognates activity and lesson • Vocabulary and grammar lessons plus practice worksheets • Pronunciation training plus exercises • Speaking activities As such the total study time on the course is 150-200 hours, which is plenty to get you to B1 level. (If you do as we suggest and spend as much time as possible with immersion - listening and reading to the story in German - the study time could be significantly more.) If you decide to study two modules per week (a reasonable pace), it would take you approximately 10 weeks to complete the course. At a more leisurely pace of one module per week, you would complete the course in 20 weeks.
Can I study at my own pace?
Yes. The course is designed for you to study at your own pace, in a time and place that suits you. The materials never expire. What's more, you get free updates to the course as they are released in the future. The course material is fully downloadable, so if you don’t have a good internet connection, you can download what you need, and access it any time, any place.
Why is the course in US Dollars?
I have students from many countries around the world, and the US Dollar is the most widely-accepted currency. But don't worry! You can purchase the course with any debit or credit card, no matter where you live, and your bank will automatically convert the USD to your local currency at the market rate.
What's the difference between German Uncovered and German Conversations?
My German Conversations material is ideal for people who are stuck at an intermediate level in German. What you're seeing on this page is my beginner programme, which is suitable for those who are complete beginners in German, just getting started, or wanting to revisit the basics. After completing this beginner course, you'll be ready for German Conversations!
How is German Uncovered different from the many other German courses out there?
When I set out to design German Uncovered, my main aim was to set it apart from every other German course. The way I've done that is to base the entire course around a story, and, in fact, the course syllabus itself emerges from the story. Let me explain... Most German courses are structured by taking a bunch of grammar rules, putting them together in a certain order, then teaching them to you one-by-one in a series of lessons. This is dull, and ineffective. In this course, we do things differently. In this course, your main focus is this: To read and enjoy the plot of the story! That's right - you concentrate on reading and understanding the story. The "formal study" happens another way! You learn through a process known as "Guided Discovery". What's guided discovery? Well, rather than teaching you a particular grammar rule in an abstract way, I first make sure you first see the grammar rule being used in the story itself - in context - so you get to learn how it works in a natural way. Doesn't that sound more exciting than your last textbook? You discover the rules by yourself (with help from me of course), which makes learning much more effective. This means you get to enjoy learning German first and foremost, rather than get bogged down in technicalities from the start. (Yes... it's fun!) At every stage of the course, you’ll be immersed in real German - both the written story and the audiobook. This means that by the time you finish the course, not only will you have read an entire book in German, but you’ll have a large vocabulary, so you can express yourself fully in conversation. You will also have had many hours of listening practice, so that following spoken German will be effortless.